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If you are a resident of Florida, you do not have to report the settlement on your income taxes.  However, you do need to call Social Security and let them know of the settlement and follow whate ...

How did the man expose himself? Was it directed or was he just taking a leak?  Did he interact with your daughter, address her or speak to her?  Was there any physical contact? 

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Dangers from Delivering Toxic Packages

Near Death Experience Leads to FedEx Lawsuit Dangers from Delivering Toxic Packages Increasing numbers of people are making deliveries across the country. Delivery drivers are not always aware of what ...

Make Safety a Priority When Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is the preferred mode of transportation for many commuters across the country. Unfortunately, thousands of cyclists are injured every year in traffic accidents, and a percentage of those ...

Multiple Injuries During New Jersey Turnpike Bus Collision

Over a dozen passengers sustained injuries during a bus collision with a tractor-trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike. The bus accident occurred on Wednesday morning, around 9:10am, in Hamilton Township ...

Are There Caps on Damages in an Ohio Pеrѕоnаl Injury Lawsuit?

You are riding on South Park Place in Painesville, Ohio when you are t-boned by an intoxicated motorist, causing major damage to you and your vehicle. In fact, the collision was so severe that you are ...

Summer Camp Injuries

With schools out, summer camps are filling up with promises of fun activities and exciting adventures. While summer camps help keep children and teens busy throughout the season, injuries can occur th ...

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