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They are only obligated to pay FMV if it is totaled, or to pay the cost of reasonable repairs if it is not totaled. You can counter it, but they dont necessarily have to negotiate with you, and it wou ...

Yes provided that Florida counsel can associate local counsel on the case which is fairly easy to do. Additionally since you are a resident of Florida and the company you seek to hold liable is in Nev ...

In addition to teh school (which seemed to know the new weight set was defective and still allowed it's use), it seems to me that looking at the negligence oft he weight/ bar bell company might be use ...

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HOW DO I PROVE FAULT IN A CAR ACCIDENT?   When you get hurt in a car accident, if it was the other driver’s fault you can be eligible to receive a broad range of compensatory damages for th ...

Why Are There So Many Pedestrian Accidents in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis’ popular downtown nightlife is no secret, so it’s not surprising downtown has the highest number of pedestrian crashes across Indianapolis, with 76% of them happening at an in ...

Summer Heat and Humidity Claims Lives of Hundreds Every Year

With temperatures hitting the high 80s this week, Whatcom County is experiencing its annual summer heat wave. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hundreds of people lose their ...

Ferndale, WA Family Narrowly Escapes Structure Fire in Sandy Point Heights

About 3 a.m. on July 15, 2018, rescue crews were called to the scene of a structure fire in the 4300 block of Decatur Drive in Sandy Point Heights, Ferndale, WA. Fire, rescue and aid crews discovered ...

Lawsuits Linking Weed Killer Roundup to Lymphoma Are Allowed to Proceed

Monsanto’s controversial weed killer Roundup is linked to thousands of cases of cancer. Now lawsuits against the giant agricultural company have been given the green light. Last month, U.S. Dist ...

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