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I hope you are recovering. Please contact a Personal Injury / Medical Malpractice attorney for consultation. There are strict requirements and short deadlines in this particular legal field. Many of u ...

Please call our office to provide additional information so we can determine if this is something we can assist you with.Thank you.Sandy Hogue - Secretary toJohn W. Merting, EsquireLaw Offices of John ...

Please contact our office directly to provide additional information, if you desire. Thank you. Sandy Hogue - Secretary toJohn W. Merting, EsquireGulf Breeze, FL  32561Office: (850) 916-9645Tol ...

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Compensation for Maryland Hip Replacement Recipients

Like any major surgery, deciding to have hip replacement surgery is a big decision. When successful, hip replacement surgery can eliminate the chronic, excruciating pain that patients with osteoarthri ...

Dancing Surgeon Facing Lawsuits

An Atlanta-area certified dermatologist is facing multiple lawsuits from women claiming they were injured by the doctor who danced and sang while performing surgery on them in her office. Not only did ...

Millions of Americans Taking Wrong Pills for Heart Disease

A recent study has revealed that many Americans may be taking the wrong medications to address cardiovascular disease and stroke risks. A patient’s heart attack or stroke risk is often assessed ...

Surgical Checklists Prevent Medical Errors

Could something as simple as a checklist help prevent healthcare professionals from making serious medical errors? Unfortunately, medical errors happen more frequently than you might think, and some c ...

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy Associated with Lower Birthweight Babies

New research suggests that even one day of vaginal bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy could lead to a baby with a lower birthweight. Vaginal bleeding early in pregnancy is common. Accord ...

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