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Anybody can sue anyone. The question I think you want answered is can they win. Truth is a defense. If the boss can prove false statements were made then they might prevail. Discuss with a lawyer. ...

I would need to read the employment contract that you signed to give you any competent advice on any contractual restrictions to your resignation. The actual words make the difference. Also, if they b ...

The ADA is an interactive process. You request they say yes or no or alternative and you go back and forth. If you do this and there is no reasonable accommodation where you can perform without an un ...

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New Jersey Whistleblower Gets New Trial

The Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division granted a new trial to a former Toyota Universe, Inc. employee that filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the corporation, claiming she was fired af ...

PA Court Denies Unemployment Compensation for Claimant

On July 12, 2018 the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirmed a decision by the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review (“Board”) denying benefits to a claimant who had been terminate ...

Third Circuit Splits from Other Circuit Courts in Age Discrimination Suit

On January 10, 2017, the Third Circuit ruled in favor of a group of fired employees (“Employees”) over age 50 in an age discrimination suit under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act ( ...


Recently, toy store giant, Toys R Us, closed their stores. The company, based in New Jersey, had 800 stores in the United States and about 33,000 employees. Forty of those stores are in New Jersey, wh ...

Can I sue for owner for giving me less tables to serve?

Q: The owners of the restaurant are the hostesses and they constantly give one particular server the best section and the most tables. The one owner always puts me in the worst section and my sales en ...

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