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This is unprofessional conduct and a manager ought to act better. However, it is not a violation of any law.

Have you applied for unemployment benefits? New York State is very lenient regarding the award of such benefits as long as claimants are candid and truthful when they apply and during administrative h ...

Unless an employer has a contract with its employees to the contrary, it is always free to adjust salary/hourly rates prospectively (ie into the future) and the employee can choose to work for those w ...

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Pennsylvania Superior Court Upholds Non-Solicitation Agreement

The Pennsylvania Superior court upheld non-solicitation agreements between an employer and employees after their employment agreements expired and the employees continued to work at-will. Metalico Pit ...

PA District Court Holds PMWA and FLSA Claims

In Rummel v. Highmark, Inc., 2013 WL 6055082 (W.D. Pa.), Plaintiff, an employee at Defendant Highmark, Inc., alleged that Defendant failed to pay overtime wages in violation of the Pennsylvania Minimu ...

Can I Sue My Employer for a Work Injury?

When you’re seriously injured in a car accident or trip on a loose floorboard in a local business, the path to compensation for your injuries typically involves a personal injury lawsuit. Pursui ...

Task Force on Employee Misclassification

Employers typically have a wide range of legal responsibilities with respect to their workers, from offering health care or unemployment insurance to providing adequate protections from workplace disc ...

Creating a Mexican Corporation

Mexico and specially the Mexican Caribbean, has always been an attractive investment opportunity for foreign people because of the opportunities that the law provides to whom wants to start up a busin ...

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