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I would work with the employer and avoid the 'stigma' of being a 'bad apple'. We have seen employees be 'boycotted' for this type of behavior. Please call if you have any questions. Ed Dimon, Esq. 732 ...

You can file a claim under the Texas PayDay Law by using the resources at this link: ...

The short answer to your question is, "yes." A private sector employer may fire (or demote, or transfer, or reduce future wages) for any reason or no reason, even a mistaken or made up reason, as long ...

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Eastern District Court Approves FLSA Settlement Agreement After Restaurant

In Excellent Pancake, Inc. v. Giannattasio, Civil Action No. 18-cv-176, 2018 WL 3913109 (E.D. Pa. August 15, 2018), the Court approved a settlement agreement to the extent that the agreement releases ...

Third Circuit Court of Appeals Holds that Helicopter Pilots are not Exempt

In Pignataro v. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals held that that helicopter pilots did not fall under professional employee exemption. 593 F.3d 265 (3rd. Ci ...

Middle District of Pennsylvania Rules Employees Do Not Qualify

In Mazzarella v. Fast Rig Support, LLC, the Middle District of Pennsylvania held that truck drivers who primarily transported water from various fracking sites within Pennsylvania did not qualify unde ...

Eastern District Dismisses Breach of Contract Claim Against Former Employee

In Sales Benchmark Index LLC v. DeRosa, SBI sued DeRosa after he resigned from the company and went to work for another company. No. CV 18-2680, 2018 WL 3918090, at *1 (E.D. Pa. Aug. 16, 2018). SBI cl ...

Unlimited Geographic Restriction in Non-Compete Agreements may be Void

Non-compete agreements incident to an employment relationship are common place in Pennsylvania. Non-compete agreements prevent employees from working for competitors, but the restriction must be reaso ...

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