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Sounds like you may have retained a firm with a large staff supporting the lawyer(s). Sometimes an insurance carrier will reach out to an attorney.  The only way to know what has/has not been d ...

I am sorry to hear about your son's condition.  You should start by contacting a Personal Injury /Medical Malpractice attorney to discuss all facts and circumstances and have all medical records ...

As you were the driver, not on a liability angle. Possibly as a workers comp claim and you shoudl retain a workers comp lawyer for that purpose. You might also have claim agains the at fault party if ...

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How Does “GAP” Insurance Help Me If I’m In An Accident?

Vehicles owners should be aware of “GAP” (Guaranteed Auto Protection) insurance when buying their vehicles. Simply put, gap insurance pays the difference between the amount owed on your ca ...

When Can An Insurance Company Deny Coverage For Their Insured’s Failure T

Once a law suit is filed, both an insured and insurer have obligations to fulfill under their policy agreement. Indiana law recognizes the validity of cooperation clauses and an insured’s breach ...

How Separation Can Affect Your Beneficiary Status

Are you going through a separation?  If so, you may be wondering how the separation, as opposed to a divorce, will affect your beneficiary status under your spouse’s life insurance policy o ...

Should You Give Your Car Insurance to the Hospital After an Accident?

Approximately 4 million emergency room visits resulting from car crashes occur each year in the U.S. The victims of these accidents sustain a wide range of injuries, including soft tissue injuries, wh ...

Insurance Bad Faith – First Party vs. Third Party Claims, Chicago

There was a terrible, summer thunderstorm with high wind and driving rain, and that old oak tree in the front yard came crashing through the roof of your house. Between the damage to the roof and the ...

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