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Somebody who understands both. A prosecution in a municipal court is a separate issue from a restraining order proceeding in Family Court. You may have one or both of these proceedings occurring in pa ...

This is longer, and more technical, than can be effectively addressed by email.  As you have perceived, it is extremely dangerous to get involved in substantial real estate (or other monetary dea ...

You do not actually ask a substantive question.  For background materials, including a great deal of information about how alimony works, and should work, and analyses that might be helpful, clic ...

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Part 2: What are potential drawbacks of collaborative divorce?

We ended our last post, which introduced collaborative divorce, with a question. Many supporters say that it is often less costly than other divorce methods, especially contested divorce trials. For a ...

Part 1: What is collaborative divorce?

You may have heard of collaborative divorce in Florida, a new relatively new process for divorcing that was born in the recent decades as a hoped-for antidote to the negative, adversarial nature of di ...

Divorce Lawyer

Many Minnesota couples may be aware that the divorce rate in the United States has been approximately 50 percent for some time. While there are many reasons why couples get divorced, one of the most c ...

Spousal Maintenance

You and your spouse have decided to call it quits, and you feel a sense of relief. At the same time, though, you feel anxious about how you will support yourself following the divorce. Fortunately, yo ...

How Does Property Division Work in Maryland Divorce?

People who are thinking about divorce may be wondering what property is considered marital property. Whether they have been married five years or thirty-five years, dividing the money and the property ...

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