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These cases are most expensive to pursue and most difficult to win. You must obtain the video of the game if there was a video. You must get affidavits from the witnesses. You must hire an expert who ...

It's unlikely to ever happen. Even though its been reduced and dismissed under Penal Code 1203.4 ("Expunged"), you still have to disclose the information when applying for a government job. Unfortun ...

His attorney said simply notify the court, with proof, that he was in jail  at the time of the court hearing. If the court appointed attorney will not do so, you can get proof your self and take ...

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After I’m done paying the fine will the charge change?

Q: I pleaded guilty to a M1 charge. They told me they would give me a fine and it will be a non-traffic fine. I’m still paying on the 1100 fine. Will the charge change once the fine is paid off? ...

There is no evidence, but I am accused of recklessly endangering?

Q: My mother and her husband engaged in a verbal argument, it got physical, she proceeded towards my location further down the street not knowing I was at my girlfriend’s residence on the porch. ...

Can I have a felony warrant for a traffic accident with injury under suspen

Q: I was recently involved in a traffic accident involving injury while under suspended license. I was free to leave the scene. I have received the police report and that’s it. My father receive ...

Why didn’t his time start months ago?

Q: My boyfriend has been in jail for more than 6 months already. He was charged with theft, again, while in jail. The judge sentenced him to 6 more months, to be run concurrent with his other time. So ...


#SwindleLawGroup #CriminalDefenseAttorney #DeadlyForceWHEN DEADLY FORCE IS LEGAL“Direct threats require decisive action.” Former two term Vice-President, Secretary of Defense,and longtime ...

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