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Often a judge who issues a misdemeanor capias will limit it to the state.  But beware -- sometimes a charge originally filed as a misdemeanor can be refiled as a felony.  This is often is do ...

A level 6 is punishable from 6 months to 2.5 years.  Your friend needs an attorney.  

Is it possible that you will get extended, but improbable if they stick you with the meth.  Meth defense Probation Revocations ...

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Will ex do jail time for assault while on probation for Endangering the Wel

Q: My X-wife is on probation for Endangering the Welfare of a Child. She got a simple assault charge for punching my mom on her property. Being that she is on probation, will she get jail time? If so, ...

Can friend be arrested for telling a cop he would sell drugs?

Q: Can he get charged with anything even if he didn’t sell any? My friend told a cop he sold drugs. But when the cop went to go get the money he left. He never sold him anything just told him he ...

Can I tell judge husband does not deserve jail in victim impact?

Q: We were both charged with domestic violence, simple assault. My case will be dropped but he is on probation for non-violent traffic plea deal. I received paper in mail this week asking for victim i ...

Can a friend or family represent someone in court if that someone refused h

Q: Am I allowed to represent someone who is family or friend in court, if they agree that I do so? My nephew was charged with a crime and he requested I help him, as I have experience in the legal sys ...


GOVERNOR DEAL’S LEGACYEvery governor and president will leave a legacy.When Gov. Nathan Deal (GA) was sworn in, I knew that Georgia was in safe hands with a proven conservative. But, I never tho ...

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