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With very few exceptions, shareholders are not liable for their corproation's obligations.  That is the most important reason to incorporate.  Thus, if the corporation was run properly (e.g. ...

It would be better to have an attorney but if you think that you can do it yourself, then go ahead. If you lose, depending on the amount, you can file an appeal within 10 days but you should have an a ...

I can't tell you whether you have a "slam dunk", but there are issues here which could make a good claim or (depending on some facts which I don't know and which may be contested) coudl be a waste of ...

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Third Circuit Holds Computer Manufacturer Could Not Pierce Corporate Veil

In Clientron Corp. v. Devon IT, Inc., 2018 WL 3293212 (3rd Cir. 2018), the Third Circuit Court of Appeals found that Appellant failed to establish under Pennsylvania law that shareholders were alter e ...

Eastern District of PA Rules Against Plaintiff’s Tortious Interference

In UniStrip Technologies, LLC v. LifeScan, Inc. and LifeScan Scotland, Ltd. the Eastern District of Pennsylvania determined that Plaintiff had not met its burden of proof for its claim of tortious int ...

Supreme Ct. of PA Severs Flat Deduction from the Pennsylvania Revenue Code

In Nextel Commc’n of the Mid-Atl. Inc. v. Commonwealth, 171 A.3d 682 (Pa. 2017), the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania held that the Net-Loss-Carryover Provision (“NLC”) in the revenue c ...

Eastern District of PA Prevents Credit Reporting Agencies from Venue Trans.

On June 20, 2018 the Eastern District of Pennsylvania prevented a consumer credit reporting agency, Equifax, from transferring a case from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Edwards v. Equifax Info. Servs., LLC ...

C Corporations or S Corporations?

As we’ve previously discussed in these blog post, entity selection is a very important matter, one which requires a careful analysis of all relevant facts and circumstances. Choosing an ent ...

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