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York & Hinds, P.C. Law Firm - Houston, TX -

Law Office: York & Hinds, P.C.

The Firm of York & Hinds, P.C., represents a broad range of business entities and enterprises in general business transactions and related matters. The Firm's commitment is to provide the highest quality of representation in complex business transactions at a reasonable cost to its clients.

Practise Areas

  • General Business Representation
  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Partner lawyerships
  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
Firm Size
Payment Type
    Fixed hourly rates
    Fixed fees available
Portfolio Customers
REPRESENTATIVE CLIENTS: Adobe Equity Group, LLC and Affiliates; American Mat & Timber Co.; Bright Sky Press; Carbtex Technology, Inc. and Affiliates; CPI Crown Properties International Corporation and Affiliates; First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company; J.R. Brlansky & Associates; Jim Maddox Properties, LLC; Labtopia, Inc.; MBA Telecommunications Services, Inc.; ML Industries, Inc.; National Trench Safety, LLC and Affiliates; Network Information Systems, Inc.; Pathfinder/LL&D Insurance Group; Procare Holdings, Inc. and Affiliates; Quest Offshore Resources, Inc.; Quick Trax of Texas, Ltd.; Royal Services Company, LLC; SBH North America, LLC; Scafom USA, Inc.; Solar X of Texas; Starrex International Ltd.; Steward Securities Group LLC and Affiliates; United Access, L.P. and Affiliates; WRWCO, LLC.

Office Information

Fax: 713-659-5755

Website: https://www.yorkhinds.com

Law Company Address:

York & Hinds, P.C. 2000 Bering Dr., Suite 850
Houston, TX 77057

York & Hinds, P.C.

phone Phone: 281-506-0138
phone Fax : 713-659-5755
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Law Company Address: York & Hinds, P.C. 2000 Bering Dr., Suite 850 Houston, TX 77057 U.S.A.

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